Company Info

Your Project — Our Priority

Our most basic goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients. To this end we operate with the following service model:

  1. Establish trust with our clients through meetings, marketing materials and references if needed.
  2. Develop a well defined and agreed upon Scope of Services outlining expectations, milestones, deliverables and invoicing.
  3. Maintain open and consistent communication.
  4. Invoice only when accompanied by progress or final deliverables.
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We believe that good design, by definition, is a collaborative process through which different needs unite in pursuit of a common goal. To this purpose, structural engineering seeks to create a built environment that is resistant to the forces of nature and environment, is safe and practical for human use, and is aesthetically pleasing in its own regard. Good engineering design accomplishes these goals while using natural materials in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.


Zeltmacher Structural Design Engineering was founded in May of 2010 by Andrew R. Randolph, Senior Partner, and Ryan J. Fitzpatrick, Partner. The company is located in the center of downtown Visalia, CA. The word “Zeltmacher”, translated from German to English, means “tent-maker”.

Missions and Community Service

At Zeltmacher, we recognize that our talent and training as Engineers combined with our client base will produce lasting relationships, quality projects and profit. As such, we feel privileged to re-invest part of our profit into community service locally and abroad. Therefore, our intent is to provide employees financial support and opportunities to serve where they feel called each year. In 2010, 2011, and 2012 we spent a week each year in Urrapan, Mexico assisting in the construction of an orphanage and in 2012 we also spent a week in the Dominican Republic providing low-cost medical assistance. 2013 mission trips included a pediatric hospital consult in the Congo, child daycare construction in Mexico, and eco-stove installations in El Salvador.