Industrial Projects

Calgren Ethanol Biodiesel Expansion

  • Location: Pixley, CA
  • Project Type: Industrial Process Equipment Platforms and Foundations
  • Size: Approximately 20,000 square feet of new process
  • Structural Systems: Steel braced frames, Steel moment frames, Concrete mat foundations

Zeltmacher provided structural engineering and design services to support Calgren Ethanol’s expansion in Pixley, CA. Projects included a tank farm mat foundation, process structure and mat foundation design, and numerous independent pipe bridges and related foundations.

Peninsula Plastics Recycling Wash Line

  • Location: Turlock, CA
  • Project Type: Industrial Process Equipment Platforms and Foundations
  • Size: Approximately 30,000 square feet of Equipment
  • Structural Systems: Ordinary Steel Braced Frames, Ordinary Steel Moment Frames, Concrete Pads, Grade Beams and Mat Footings

This project involved the construction of a new process line inside an existing building. Zeltmacher performed the analysis of a variety of complex steel platforms, catwalks, stairs and complete design and detailing of the foundation systems. The project was completed on a very tight time line.

EdeniQ Industrial Process Pipe Bridge

  • Location: Visalia, CA
  • Project Type: Industrial Process Pipe Support
  • Size: 60 foot consisting of two spans
  • Structural Systems: Steel truss, steel braced frame

Zeltmacher worked directly with EdeniQ, Inc. to provide a multi-span pipe bridge capable of carrying several process pipes. Specific challenges included locating columns and lateral bracing with a complicated existing equipment layout.

Simplot Helm Structural Condition Assessment

  • Location: Helm, CA
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Size: 30,000 square ft product storage building, 10,000 square ft maintenance building, 50 ft tall stair tower
  • Structural Systems: Steel trusses, wood purlins, cast in place concrete pilasters / shear walls, steel braced frames

To assess both the condition and safety of various structures at their facility, J.R. Simplot utilized Zeltmacher to complete a structural condition assessment in accordance with ASCE II. Full gravity and lateral analyses were performed and structural repairs were made to re-establish the safety and stability of damaged structural systems.