Residential Projects

Screen House

  • Location: Palm Springs, CA
  • Project Type: Custom Residential
  • Size: 5,400 square feet (floor area)
  • Cold-Formed Steel Moment Frame

The home features expansive windows and a raised floor over parking and storage areas. Structurally, a cold-formed steel moment frame was utilized to meet both architectural requirements and the need for construction efficiency.

Mauritson Family Residence

  • Location: Lemon Cove, CA
  • Project Type: Custom Residential
  • Size: 9,000 square feet (floor area)
  • Wood and Masonry Shearwalls and Masonry Retaining Walls

This hilltop home by Absolute Design features a wine cellar, raised main floors, upstairs deck and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Avila Family Residence

  • Location: Visalia, CA
  • Project Type: Custom Residential

This is a beautiful custom home by Absolute Design in Tulare, CA. This home is located in Visalia and features large high-sloped roof pitches, vaulted great room, and expansive porch with outdoor kitchen.

Rao Family Residence

  • Location: Kauai, HI
  • Project Type: Custom Residential
  • Size: 1,500 square feet (floor area)
  • Structural Systems: Cold Formed Steel Moment Frame

The Rao house, designed by Architect, Adam Brown of TreeFish LLC, is a new residential project on Kauai in Hawaii. This project has a lateral system which promotes a contemporary open design concept. The system uses tubular steel columns in conjunction with deep cold formed steel beams fixed together by means of bolts.

Tuscan Villa Residence

  • Location: Fresno, CA
  • Client: 678 Architecture
  • Project Type: Multi Story Residential
  • Size: 11,600 square feet

Taking some cues from an old world style, the Tuscan Villa Residence is a custom home fit for a king. Engineered wood and steel framing help create sweeping curves, vaulted ceilings, and an open floor-plan design in this residence. Special Structural analysis and detailing was given to multiple roof planes, angled walls, a raised garage floor, and several other items in this one of a kind home.

Stefanopoulos Custom Tube Residence

  • Location: Fresno, CA
  • Client: 678 Architecture
  • Project Type: Multi Story Residential
  • Size: 10,200 square feet
  • Structural Systems: Wood Engineered Lumber Joists, Engineered Lumber / Steel Girders, Masonry Basement Walls, Steel Moment Frame, Wood Shear Walls

This current project involves the design of a highly customized residence employing both traditional and non-traditional residential construction. A project with this level of complexity requires a very high level of communication with all involved parties to achieve the desired project goals.

Brown Residential Container Remodel

  • Location: Tulare, CA
  • Project Type: Custom Recycled Residential Addition
  • Size: 2,000 square feet
  • Structural Systems: Wood and pre-manufactured steel shearwalls, shipping container wall/floor system, and steel framed roof

Sometimes the greenest way to design a building is to turn something that already exists into a building. In collaboration with BA Design Build, ZM provided the Structural Engineering of the first container reuse home in the San Joaquin Valley.

Johnson Custom Residence

  • Location: Lake Turloch, CA
  • Project Type: Custom Residential
  • Size: 5,000 square feet
  • Structural Systems: Concrete and Plywood Shear Walls, Steel Struts as required, Concrete Retaining Walls and Footings

This was a four-level home constructed on the side of a hill adjacent to Lake Tulloch. The home featured significant retaining wall challenges due to the nature of the site.