Public and Education Projects

Orange Cove High School Stadium

  • Location: Orange Cove, CA
  • Client: Midstate Precast
  • Project Type: Public and Education
  • Size: 10,800 square feet
  • Structural Systems: Precast concrete stadia, beams, columns, and shearwalls, precast-prestressed planks and beams

In conjunction with Midstate Precast and SOMAM Architects, Zeltmacher provided the design of precast concrete elements and connections for Orange Cove’s home side stadium. Construction Administration services were also provided on this project to insure compliance with the building code and design documents.

UC Merced Science & Engineering Building 2 Cladding

  • Location: Merced, CA
  • Project Type: Public and Education
  • Size: 5,000 square feet (walls), 1,000 linear feet (lintel beams & girders)
  • Structural Systems: Precast Architectural Concrete Walls, Precast & Prestressed Architectural Concrete Lintels, Precast Structural Concrete Girders

This project consisted of the precast concrete design of the exterior concrete cladding walls and beams at UC Merced’s expanding campus. Specific challenges included a wide variety of connections and panel shapes to the existing structure.

Tulare Veteran’s Hall Solar Upgrade and Re-roof

  • Location: Tulare, CA
  • Project Type: Commercial Re-roof
  • Size: 6,000 square feet
  • Structural Systems: Steel Unistrut support and Steel Deck

This project involved the analysis of an existing roof system for a 7,000 square foot solar panel installation. Additional building modifications included the design and detailing of new steel framing to support an existing suspended plaster ceiling and a complete new roof.

Miramar Community College Union Building Cladding

  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Project Type: Architectural Precast Concrete
  • Size: 2,600 square feet
  • Structural Systems: Support on both concrete footings and steel superstructure

Working with Midstate Precast of Corcoran, ZM provided the design of 4 ½” precast concrete panels and related connections. The connection locations were strategically located to both satisfy structural requirements and minimize construction cost.